We are passionate about film, television and digital media in its many forms. The author’s perspective is paramount in both our fictional and documentary work. We seek to create works with a social conscience that are both audacious and entertaining, and striking in their treatment of topics and visual portrayal

We start with the premise that each project is unique and must be handled creatively and daringly. We are committed to quality content and creating conditions that bring out the best in our productions. That also means paying close attention to our projects, from design to distribution. One of our goals is to distribute our productions as widely as possible.

We like to work outside our comfort zone, which is why we seek to explore the many possibilities offered by digital media. We are particularly interested in documentary and fiction web series, an area we hope to develop in the coming years. We see it as an inventive, playful, collegial and light-hearted way of producing films that will eventually allow us to work with young talent and distribute our productions in a different way.

We also concentrate part of our efforts on producing fiction feature films, a niche that is poorly developed outside Quebec. Our goal is to produce small- and medium-budget films whose stories are rooted in local experience. We work to foster a creative climate in which socially engaged, naturalistic and free fiction can be produced.

We strive to create original works that are set locally yet have a universal appeal. We are also open to national or international co-production if the subject lends itself to it and that is the best way to get the story across. We believe in sharing and collaboration between artists from here and elsewhere.

Renée Blanchar