Le silence – feature documentary in production

Le silence – feature documentary in production


Should it be kept or broken? When does it becomes destructive? Or, on the contrary, life-saving? At what point does it become deafening? When is it loudest? At a time when sexual scandals are rocking the Catholic Church around the world, including the Vatican, filmmaker Renée Blanchar explores the underside of the silence surrounding the cases of sexual abuse perpetrated by Fathers Lévi Noël, Yvon Arsenault and Camille Léger, each of whom are believed to have made more than a hundred victims in Acadia.

A feature documentary by director Renée Blanchar and produced by Maryse Chapdelaine of Ça Tourne Productions and Christine Aubé of the National Film Board of Canada’s Studio de la francophonie canadienne. Funding: Province of New Brunswick (Tourism, Heritage and Culture) and Société Radio-Canada (tou.tv). Anticipated release: August 2020


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