Press release – Nos hommes dans l’Ouest



SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

Pour diffusion immédiate

We are proud to announce the world premiere of our feature-length documentary, Nos hommes dans l’Ouest, at the opening of the Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie on November 16, 2017.

The film was shot over six months and is particularly important because it’s our first project since we relaunched Ça Tourne Productions in April 2015. Since then, we’ve also been working on a few other projects, especially fiction films. Documentaries hold a very special place in our hearts and reflect our commitment to social justice.

When producing Nos hommes dans l’Ouest, we tried to accommodate the schedules and needs of the families who worked with us on the project. It was important for us to work as closely as possible with them in order to achieve truly authentic exchanges. Despite the distances and numerous filming segments (seven in all), we tried to assemble the best team possible. The editing, sound, music and all the visual and sound aspects received the same level of attention.

Here is the team that accompanied us during all phases of the project: cinematography: Philippe Lavalette; sound engineering: Simon Doucet; photography and production management: Julie D’Amour-Léger; assistance and driving: Marjolaine Albert; artistic direction and photography, film website and Facebook page design: Isabelle Aubin. Others took turns or joined us for studio shoots: editing, the amazing Elric Robichon; sound design: the talented Sylvain Bellemare, a long-time collaborator of the director; music: an exquisite quartet of musicians: Viviane Audet, Robin-Joël Cool, Alexis Martin and François Richard: graphic design : the creative Steve Huard. Post-production was entrusted to Post-Moderne under the direction of coordinator Aïda Eid. Special thanks to the Losier-Robert family (Nadine Losier, Christian Robert and their children, Marika and Justin), the Godin-Lanteigne family (Céline Godin, Guy Lanteigne and their children, Lily Ève and Matis) and the Losier-Chiasson family (Andrée-Anne Losier, Tom Chiasson and their children, Napoléon and Yasmine), our “stars” who gave so generously of their time. Finally, in research, scriptwriting, filming with the super 8 camera and directing: Renée Blanchar. The film was produced by Maryse Chapdelaine. A sincere thank you to everyone else who contributed to this wonderful adventure!

We are now ready to take the documentary on the road so that it reaches a wide audience, sensitive to the challenges of exile and the universal issues facing our protagonists. The film will also be shown at the Cinéma du Centre theatre in Caraquet. The dates will be announced shortly. The film will go on to other festivals, and the original French version will be broadcast on the national Radio-Canada television network, while the medium-length version will air on the regional network and RDI.

Renée Blanchar, director. Maryse Chapdelaine, producer. Ça Tourne Productions.

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