Press release – Nos hommes à Fort McMurray



OCTOBER 15, 2015

For immediate release

Renée Blanchar and Ça Tourne Productions inviting residents of the Acadian Peninsula to discuss the Alberta « fly in/fly out » phenomenon

CARAQUET — It is with great enthusiasm that Ça Tourne Productions and Renée Blanchar are officially launching the research phase for NOS HOMMES À FORT MCMURRAY, a documentary in which the filmmaker seeks to better understand the experience of families on the Acadian Peninsula for whom travelling to and from Alberta for work is a way of life.

For the Caraquet-based filmmaker, the topic hits close to home. She believes the phenomenon impacts virtually everyone in the region: « The idea for the film came to me while I was flying back and forth between Montreal and Bathurst for work. That’s where I came into contact with local men and women returning to or leaving for out West. Having chosen to settle on the Acadian Peninsula, I, too, am confronted with this phenomenon. I see it in the people around me but also in my own life. »

If travel to and from Alberta is part of your life, Blanchar wants to hear your story, not only to better understand your experience but also to find families and young adults from the Acadian Peninsula to be cast in the documentary.

« People willing to share their experiences can contact Renée by email at or via the documentary’s Facebook page, which acts as a forum for dialogue on the topic and a window to this filming adventure, » says producer Maryse Chapdelaine, who joined Ça Tourne Productions last April after a successful career with the National Film Board of Canada.

The documentary will be filmed mainly on the Acadian Peninsula, but also in Alberta in the fall of 2016. Funders: Société Radio-Canada, the Canada Media Fund and the Province of New Brunswick.

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